Healthier employees, higher productivity.

Looking to have fresh fruits delivered to your workplace?
You're at the right place.

We're not just another fruit vendor.
Our services are tailored to fit the needs of our corporate clients perfectly.

Customizable week-to-week fruit selections, flexible delivery schedules, weekly & monthly invoicing.
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"If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."
- Richard Branson -

The key to a healthy workforce starts with a healthy diet.
And with over 90% of Malaysian adults not meeting the recommended minimum of 2 servings of fruits per day, providing fresh fruits at your workplace is a great place to start.

Regardless if you're looking for fruits to supplement a larger fitness initiative, or simply want to cultivate better nutritional choices among your employees - you're at the right place.

We specialize in customizable fruit subscription plans, with experience serving many corporate clients across the Klang Valley.
We understand that sourcing for a recurring order of fruits for the workplace differs greatly compared to purchasing fruits for personal consumption.

Whether you're trying to satisfy the varying preferences among employees, adhere to payment requirements by the finance department, or stay within the stipulated budgetary restrictions, we're here to make having fruits on a consistent basis as simple as possible.

There's no need to make things work with fixed packages.
We're able to create custom packages based on your requirements.

Our Difference

Customizable fruit selections

There's no MOQ or fixed product bundles.
Mix-and-match any amount of any fruits of your choice. We can even curate a mix of fruits for you.

The best part? The fruit selections can be changed for every delivery.

Flexible delivery schedules & payment

Choose to have your fruits delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly; and we'll do the rest.

Payments are a breeze too.
We accept payments via credit card as well as invoice, depending on your company's practices.

Fresher fruits

We source our fruits directly from farmers and importers.
Upon receiving them, the fruits are packed and sent off to your office within the same day.

Less time spent changing hands between suppliers and sitting in storage equals fresher fruits for your employees.

How It Works

Some fruits are in season all year round, while other fruits are in season at selected times of the year only.
When you order with us, you can mix and match any available fruit options.
Our friendly staff will let you know whenever seasonal fruits become available, and you can add them into your fruit selections.
Below are some examples of the fruits we offer.

Fruits Available All Year Round






Seasonal Fruits


Dragon Fruit


Passion Fruit


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