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The Fruity Bag is a customizable fruit subscription service that delivers fresh fruits on a recurring basis.

We specialize in recurring corporate fruit deliveries and bulk orders.

For the love of fruits

Despite the large variety of fruits available in our beautiful country, over 90% of Malaysian adults are not eating enough fruits, failing to meet the recommended minimum of 2 servings of fruits per day.

The Fruity Bag is founded on the simple goal of encouraging Malaysians to not only eat more fruits, but to consume them on a consistent basis. We're not just another online fruit vendor. We're on a mission to make having healthy nutrition as convenient as possible.

We have no minimum quantity requirements or fixed product bundles. You are free to mix-and-match any amount of any fruits of your choice, and we'll deliver them to your doorstep. Our friendly staffs can even curate a recommended mix of fruits specifically for you.

Office Fruit Deliveries

We understand that sourcing for a recurring order of fruits for the workplace differs greatly compared to purchasing fruits for personal consumption.

Whether you're trying to satisfy the varying preferences among employees, adhere to payment requirements by the finance department, or stay within the stipulated budgetary restrictions, we're here to make having fruits on a consistent basis as simple as possible.

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Bulk Purchases

Looking for a consistent supply of fruits for your restaurant? 
Or perhaps you're planning an event, and require a large quantity of fruits?

Enjoy preferential pricing when you purchase in large quantities with us.

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"Fresh fruits and top-notch customer service! Really simplifies the process of ordering fruits for my office."

Damien C.

"I love the fact that I can just send them a text at any time and have my orders sorted out. So convenient."

YeeVon W.

"The staff remembers my preferences from past orders and recommends new fruits to try."

Janice L.

"Reasonable pricing. What's special is the flexibility to mix any fruits I want every week, instead of eating the same few types of fruits over and over again."

JunLin T.

Our Freshness Guarantee

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